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It is only thanks to our cooperation with our suppliers that we have been a fair partner to the industry for many years. This cooperation ensures our own high level of quality.

There are many arguments in favour of cooperation with our company:

  • Long-standing cooperation with renowned automobile producers, automobile suppliers, as well as manufacturers from the machine tool, press works, steel, beverage, machine and tool making industries.
  • Constant research and internal development provides appropriate expertise.
  • Our purchasing staff are a well-rehearsed team.

They ensure that all arrangements and agreements which are conducted with your company are performed competently and relate to the project. Our engineers and technicians will assist you quckly. If any grave problems occur to your production facility, they are on hand to work out solutions with you. 

To become a NEUHÄUSER supplier your company should meet the following requirements:

  • Joint arrangements with disclosure of cost calculations and part price developments. Checks of all steps to keep prices agreed constant as long as possible or to reduce them by savings in order to ensure continued competitiveness.
  • As of series production, a lead time should be built in order to absorb fluctuations.
  • All purchase orders should be handled according to the "Just-in-time" principle.

 You supply exclusively on the basis of our General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

Special attention should be paid to the provision of our critical buy parts:

  • Minimum stock levels with the commitment to guarantee constant supply capability.
  • Commitment to deliver replacement demand 10 - 15 years after termination of release order.
  • In order to meet these requirements our suppliers need to have sophisticated logistic processes in place and the respective production capacities

Contact person

Matthias Kersting
Purchasing manager
Telefon: 02306-949-225
Telefax: 02306-949-5225

General terms and conditions of purchase

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