NEUHÄUSER Magnet- und Fördertechnik

Products made by NEUHÄUSER are found all over the globe. We would like to personally inform you about our products and the company, NEUHÄUSER Magnet- und Fördertechnik.

Product catalogue


Product program Magnet- und Fördertechnik

Automation Transportation Separation
  • Magnet-stacking systems
  • Vacuum-stacking systems
  • Magnet-vacuum-combinations
  • Stacking and De-stacking systems
  • Teleskopic conveyors
  • Centring tables
  • Timbing belt conveyors
  • Sorting systems
  • Toothed belt- and belt conveyors
  • Coiling /-Decoiling conveyors
  • Plate washers
  • Permanent magnetic conveyors
  • Belt conveyors
  • Crown cap conveyors
  • Toothed belt conveyors
  • Steel wire belt conveyors
  • Plate belt conveyors
  • Rolls
  • Scrap waste disposal systems
  • Curved belt conveyors


  • Plate magnets
  • Magnetic grids
  • Filtration grids
  • Separation shafts / chutes
  • Separation drums
  • Overhead magnetic separator
  • Magnetic belt rolls
Magnet Systems Chips disposal Coolant preparation system
  • Permanent magnetic switchable adhesive systems,   compensation magnet systems
  • Electromagnetic systems
  • Electro magnetic fanner magnets, permanent magnetic / electric switchable
  • Permanent magnetic switchable systems with 100% switch-on time 
  • Permament magnetic chip conveyors
  • Slatband-, dragconveyor
  • Compact band filtration with integrated separation roll
  • Magnet filtration unit
  • Paper band filter