Our company

NEUHÄUSER is an owner-managed company and was founded in 1965, in Lünen, where it is still located today. From its original business segments of mining and tunnel technology the company has developed to its present-day form: a corporate group with the segments magnet and conveyor technology, wind power systems and plant oil systems. The company is headquartered in Lünen (North Rhine Westphalia) and jointly, all of the NEUHÄUSERcompanies employ 119 people (male/female, as per 31 March 2015).

Milestones -NEUHÄUSER-

1965 - Engineer Helmut Neuhäuser set up NEUHÄUSER KG as a mining supplier in Lünen
1970 - NEUHÄUSER was set up as Fördertechnik KG (NFT)
1972 - Producer of one of the largest 3-roll sheet metal bending machines anywhere in the world
1989 - Takeeover of Chemaperm’s production programme
- NEUHÄUSER’s department for magnetic engineering and handling technologie for conveying materials was set up
1991 - Takeover of Trappe’s programme of pump and drilling machines in Bochum, Germany
1995 - Jürgen Neuhäuser (BA, MBA) takes on the challenge of being a managing partner at NEUHÄUSER GmbH
1997 - First wind power station was built
1998 - Mönninghoff’s programme of underground chain conveyor and hauling technology takes off
- Setting up of NEUHÄUSER Magnet- und Fördertechnik GmbH
2000 - Setting up of NEUHÄUSER Windtec GmbH
2007 - Setting up of NEUHÄUSER Polska Sp.zo.o. in Katowice, Poland
2008 - Setting up of NEUHÄUSER s.r.o. in the Czech Republic
2012 - Setting up the NEUHÄUSER Polska Sp.zo.o production plant
2013 - Acquisition of Mössinger+Wolter’s drilling machine programme from Bochum, Germany